Lovedub on Parade: Brighton Gay Pride July 2007


The most unusual commission we’ve had for the Lovedub so far has to be the annual Gay Pride Parade in Brighton.


I towed a float for the Gay Pride Shop. To liven things up a bit, we invited various drag queens who were passing by to sit in the back.


Our dear old Lovedub enjoys the attention, and she performed admirably – towing a float at 5mph, and stopping and starting constantly, is as bad as being in London rush-hour traffic. Of course, at 41 years old she is in her prime, and she didn’t falter,


Of all the floats in the parade, we were probably the most interactive with the crowds; everyone likes to be photographed next to the Lovedub.


I think Soraya was worried the drag queens might have got me…


In the weeks before the Parade, the Lovedub was used to advertise the event in Churchill Square.


What I particularly liked about it was that it was not so much just a gay celebration, but definitely a Brighton celebration. Brighton is an incredible place to live and the crowds were amazing.


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